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This is something that you need to be watching if you are a restaurant owner.  Google is going to allow people to order food right off of the search page which will reduce the number of clicks it takes to order something which is always an important factor in maximizing conversions.  For the time being you are not going to be able to request this for your business but if it is successful in trails it will be something that Google is likely to make available (my guess is it will be a paid service).  Even though this is only for restaurant owners now I can easily see them turning this into something that will allow business owners to sell products directly from the search page.  That is a personal guess but keep an eye out. For more information on how Jacksonville Website Development can help your restaurant appear higher on the search engine results check out the video below and then call us at 904-616-0184 today.

Google has announced a partnership with six delivery providers across the United States, which will help facilitate a new service Google is offering within its search results.

“Whether you’re craving deep dish pizza or pad thai, starting today you can order food from some of your favorite restaurants directly from Google search results.”

When US residents search for nearby restaurants they will now see an option to “Place an order” right there in the search results pages.

Just tap to place an order, choose your preferred delivery service, and get directed to their website to complete the order.

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