How to Write Killer Meta Descriptions for Better CTR |

Meta descriptions are very important because it is the first thing someone searching a specific keyword is going to see when they see your listing.  It is your one chance to grab their attention before another sites gets the click and you lose the potential sale.  The guys at Search Engine Journal did a great […]

It’s Official: Google Says More Searches Now On Mobile Than On Desktop | Jacksonville Website Development

This is something that if you have spent any time looking at the numbers you knew was going to happen sooner or later, but it is official, there are now more searches on mobile devices than on desktop computers.  This is also something that is not going to go the other way anytime in the […]

How to Write Copy for Search Engines | Jacksonville Website Development

“Write for people, not search engines” has become the new holy mantra of SEO copywriting. It disgusts me. I can only find one article where I ever used the phrase “write for people”. That was in my 2008 “20 More Hard Core SEO Tips” article. In my very first tip I suggested you create a […]

Google Webmaster Central Blog |

The recent Google changes are a very big deal for many small business owners.  This is directly from Google’s mouth, so-to-speak, and it explains what they are looking for in the sites that they rank, and maybe more importantly, don’t rank.  If you count on your website to drive business into your doors you need […]

What Is Backlinking, and How Can It Help Your Business?

Using SEO techniques to improve your page rank is the top way to get your business noticed.  Backlinking is a very important part of search engine optimization – and, while it is time consuming work, backlinking tells Google how popular your business site is.  The more popular Google believes your site to be, the higher […]