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This article goes into great detail on how you should, and should not, be doing your content marketing.  If you are a small business owner or webmaster that is doing any type of content marketing you need to pay very close attention to the things in these articles as they are considered industry best-practices.  The video below is for Jacksonville Website Development’s website audit report were we can show you areas of improvement that will help your site rank faster and higher in the search engines.

Set aside your lists of “Google Ranking Factors”.Set aside your expectations of “rankings”, “traffic”, and “conversions”.Just look at your Website and ask yourself, “Of all the sites I look at every day, is this one the best I can find?”Before we get down to the checklist you’re all looking for, I want to make sure we all understand together that the less interested you are in your own site and content the less interesting they will be to others.We call that the “Intrinsic Signal”, because it’s the same no matter where you look for it: in your cooking, in your dancing, in your driving, in your charitable work.The less interested you are in what you are doing, the less successful you will be at doing it.

I build high traffic Websites with virtually no budget: I spend no money on themes, platforms, advertising, etc.I just create Websites that people read and visit every day.Not every site I make becomes a traffic monster but the reason why traffic drops off or never builds is always the same: I stop working on the site.If you don’t care enough to put your own time into a Website, you have to find the right to person to care enough for you.That, of course, is why companies with successful Websites run by teams earn lots of traffic.As long as someone cares enough about the site to build it up, keep it going, fix its problems, etc. you’re good.

Once in a rare while someone comes along and hits a home run.You have probably seen a few of these sites: hardly anything is done on the site but it’s got some terrific piece of content that goes viral and everyone loves it and a million people visit the site.But most of us have to work pretty hard for that traffic.Using my own sites I can sometimes push a few thousand visitors to a site that doesn’t have much content but not in most cases.

We need to look at Websites in ways that matter to human intuition without worrying about what the search engines’ algorithms think.There is a high correlation between human and algorithmic preferences for Web documents, but those preferences are driven by separate, distinct, unrelated factors because you don’t process information the way a search engine does.

So let’s get down to the checklist.Just remember that if it’s a “signal” that means it can be gauged in a spectrum or range of values from “terrible” to “terrific”.There is no signal where if you do (not) include [X] on the site you’re in/out.Nor is there any one signal which, if “done wrong”, would kill your success.

The Intrinsic Signal This is entirely subconscious due to the work you invest in a Website.A weak intrinsic signal may be reflected by either a lack of visible detail OR by an overabundance of visible detail.The intrinsic value of the site is determined by how much you care about what you see on the page, not by how much you put on the page.Why are the margins empty?Why are the margins loaded with crap?If you cannot honestly say “because I LOVE THIS” then you have a weak intrinsic signal.

What annoys you on other people’s Websites?Why are you doing that on your own sites?

I hate reading Neil Patel’s Websites because of all the damn popups he shoves in your face.His user experience is extremely poor.But he gets a lot of traffic and a lot of people link to his articles.That’s an example of how a weakened intrinsic signal does not kill a Website (generally speaking, there are many positive things about Neil’s site designs and I think overall he still sends a stronger intrinsic signal than most sites).

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