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Meta descriptions are very important because it is the first thing someone searching a specific keyword is going to see when they see your listing.  It is your one chance to grab their attention before another sites gets the click and you lose the potential sale.  The guys at Search Engine Journal did a great job giving you some very specific ways to maximize your meta description and if you are doing your own SEO these are tips you will want to read and follow.  If you are not interested in having to keep up with the ever changing SEO landscape please check out the video below to see how an audit report from Jacksonville Website Development can help find all of the flaws on your site.  Once you watch the video the next thing you should do is call us at 904-616-0184 so we can speak with you about how we can help your business increase its online presence.

There are two ways to get more people to your website – the first is by improving your rank in the search engines, and the second is byimproving your click-through rate (CTR). While most people focus on the former, the latter can yield huge payoffs, especially considering how little effort they require.

Here are eight killer strategies to increase your CTR that I’ve collected over the years.

Most SEO’s don’t like paid ads because they need to pay for traffic, however there is a lot to learn from the PPC space and this is one that applies to everyone.

What most people don’t realize is people who runs paid ads are constantly testing (at least those who know what they are doing). And when they’re done testing, they test more. This means that their ads are optimized.

CTR featured image

Furthermore, since there are only so many characters you can put in a Google Ad, you better bet the keywords they are putting in are ones that are important to the customer.

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