How to Write Copy for Search Engines | Jacksonville Website Development

“Write for people, not search engines” has become the new holy mantra of SEO copywriting. It disgusts me. I can only find one article where I ever used the phrase “write for people”. That was in my 2008 “20 More Hard Core SEO Tips” article. In my very first tip I suggested you create a […]

Google Mobilepocalypse Update |

This is a great article talking about the update that Google did to their algorithm which was supposed to penalize people who had sites that were not mobile responsive.  If you have an older site that doesn’t display on mobile devices this update could very well effect your business website.  If you are in a […]

6 Steps to Follow to Sell at Maximum Price | The Home of Search Engine Awsomeness

Great advice for any, and every business owner, we are all trying to close more sales and grow our business.  Once you know the answers you can recommend the best product for their needs and budget.  Being able to recommend the best solution will maximize the benefit to them, and in the long run, maximize […]

Invest In Digital Marketing And Take Your Company To Greater Heights

What SHOULD your Marketing Budget be?

As the old business adage goes, it takes money to make money. You, the business owner wanting to succeed and profit in today’s competitive marketplace need to be implementing optimized and cohesive marketing strategies. If you fail to invest in digital marketing, you will be left behind, as your customers are increasingly turning to the […]