To Infinity and Beyond: The Social Shake-Up Discount Ends at Midnight |


When it comes to annual conferences, we know its a zero-sum game, because no one has an endless budget of time or money. That’s why we’ve compiled some compelling reasons we think The Social Shake-Up is the marketing conference where youll get the most bang for your proverbial buck. Read on, and then take a minute to register for The Social Shake-Up today, before our super steep discount goes the way of Ello: over $400 in savings disappear at midnight.

We go way beyond social media 101. Anyone expecting panels on How to get more Twitter followers! or How to start a company blog should look elsewhere. The Shake-Up is about next-level tactics and strategies that will catapult your company to the vanguard of social business.

Despite the name, we’re about so much more than social. The Shake-Up is about marketing. It’s about data and analytics. It’s about mobile, social listening, content marketing, employee advocacy, customer service, online community, and even more. See for yourself by checking out our incredible agenda of panels and presentations.

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